Current "Community Now?" Activities

Open Cities Symposium | 12.02.2016

In recent years, openness, self-organization and participation have become key terms in the discursive paradigm of administrations, institutions and companies. In our understanding open cities are inviting and understandable for newcommers, they cultivate negociation and participation and are flexible enough to re-adjust to changing needs.

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Lullaby Box at the AJCC in Jaffa

In December 2015 we presented the Lullaby Installation at the Arab-Jewish Community Center Tel Aviv/Yafo. Many thanks to Ibrahim and Shira for hosting us. Special thanks to all participants! And to our team members Iohanna Nicenboim & Fabrizio Lamoncha.

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Memories of the Future / Tel Aviv, Nov. 2015

Memories of the Future – Narrating intercultural spaces
@ the Living Future Event, November 2015, AJCC, Tel Aviv/Yafo, powered by the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation DIZF
Bianca Herlo, Jennifer Schubert, Prof. Rachel Kullus

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Civic Infrastructures @ Netzwerktreffen NRW

In November 2015 we presented our tools and methods, the Community Now project and the concept idea for “Vernetzte Nachbarschaften NRW” to the Minister für Bauen, Wohnen, Stadtentwicklung und Verkehr of Nordrhein-Westfalen, at Tagung der Netzwerke NRW 2015.
Bildnachweis: Ralf Emmerich
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Community Now Audio Box

Installation at Mehringplatz Berlin

In order to inform and concretize a participatory process around a public issue in the Mehringplatz neighborhood in Berlin, we conceptualized and implemented a digital-analoge audio box. The topic was the longterm construction side in the Mehringplatz neighborhood. Through the box, complaints, questions and ideas could be recorded. All inputs were collected and presented in a public projection and can be looked at on this website:
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De:Routing App – Video documentation

Video by Na’ama Landau & Yoav Lutzki

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Hybrid Meeting Point at Muslala Festival Jerusalem

Design Research Lab with ‘Community Now?‘ at the Muslala Festival:
Andreas Unteidig & Lutz Reiter created the ‘hybrid meeting point’ as an open network with exclusive local wifi & the hybrid letterbox.
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Video documentation of the symposium 2/2015

Community Now? The Politics of participatory Design
Symposium – Video documentation by Na’ama Landau & Ayellet Beck
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Community Now? meets Joachim Gauck and Reuven Rivlin

Last May we had the opportunity to participate in the Living Future conference of the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation (DIZF) and to present our @HybridLetterbox to the presidents of Germany and Israel, Joachim Gauck and Reuven Rivlin. Thanks for this wonderful event!
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Video documentation: Yasmin’s Adventure | MITI & DRLab

Madeira Institute of Interactive Technologies & the DRLab colaborated for the Community Now? Symposium and developed Yasmin’s Adventure – an application that gives you an undestanding of the neighborhood between the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Living Lab at Mehringplatz from the perspective of a little bold girl.
Video by Na’ama Landau / Yoav Lutzki
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Community Now? Symposium in Tel Aviv

Community Now? Symposium in Tel Aviv – March 9th
With many civic initiatives, talks and presentations:
Sarah Auslander Bianca Herlo Gesche Joost Hagit Keysar Liat Brix-Etgar Hadar Mamrud Hadas Zemer Ben-Ari Michelle Christensen Florian Conradi

Video documentation: Long Table Event / Community Now?

In June 2014, we had several workshops, a rich program with the exchange students from Bezalel, and a Long Table Event. There where project presentations, discussions and workshops on concepts of Living Lab. With guests from different disciplines as ethnology, urban planning, social studies, the event aimed to focus on a concept of Living Lab that we integrate in our research work, as part of our bilateral project “Community Now?”. Read More

Kompaktkurse (Methoden) am DRLab 23.-27.02.2015

In der Kompaktwoche 23.-27.2. bieten wir drei Methodenseminare an. Die Kurse sind offen für alle Fachbereiche der UdK und für Gasthörer/innen. (Design Research Lab)

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Community Now? Symposium – 19.-21.2.2015

February 19th – 21st, 2015

Jewish Museum Berlin, Lindenstraße 9-14, 10969 Berlin
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Last week, we have presented the projection from the Pinpointing Mehringplatz at the Neighborhood Event ‘Winterfest’ in Mehringplatz. During the event, neighbors had the chance to add their comments to the pictures and previously collected entries. Was a lot of fun!
Our next neighborhood workshop will be on January 16th, 2015 at Mehringplatz, at 17:00. Come and join!

Stop Motion: The Community Platform

The video illustrates the concept of a Community Platform which offers different levels of access and involvement, fuelling community-engagement with an online-offline infrastructure. The aim is to create an overarching model for our endeavours, which is to facilitate individuals to organize themselves around a shared issue in a communicative way. Have a look at the video!
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Keynote-Speaker Barbara Meyer at the Community Now Symposium

The Director of the Schlesiche 27 and initiator of the CUCULA project will talk about her strategy to turn a vision into form, how to bundle esthetic and civic education and promote awareness for democracy and participation. Among others, she will present the Refugees Company for Crafts and Design CUCULA and the Juni Park Project. Looking very much forward to it!

Community Now: The Politics of Participatory Design, 19.-21.2.2015 at the Jewish Museum Berlin


Project Overview


hat does intercultural Community Building mean today? How can we connect engaged communities from Jerusalem and Berlin? The aim of the project is to develop, together with existing civic initiatives, design tools and strategies that strengthen the structures of the communities and give them a new public. Through digital formats and local interventions like Living Labs, “Community Now?” develops alternative ways of empowerment and political participation. Beyond the familiar themes of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany, we are interested in the understanding of individual citizens and in their commitment.

A project funded by the German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation (DIZF)