Kompaktkurse (Methoden) am DRLab 23.-27.02.2015

In der Kompaktwoche 23.-27.2. bieten wir drei Methodenseminare an. Die Kurse sind offen für alle Fachbereiche der UdK und für Gasthörer/innen. (Design Research Lab)
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Last week, we have presented the projection from the Pinpointing Mehringplatz at the Neighborhood Event ‘Winterfest’ in Mehringplatz. During the event, neighbors had the chance to add their comments to the pictures and previously collected entries. Was a lot of fun! Our next
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Cultural probe

During the last study trip, the students gathered with a new cultural probe tool unexpected insights and a good basis for discussion, analyses and research. The results will be discussed in a follow up and presented at the exhibition and symposium of “Community Now?”
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