Living Lab: Workshops and Long Table Event

In June, our partners from the Bezalel Academy visited us in Berlin, where we had several workshops, a rich program and a Long Table Event. There where project presentations, discussions about the insights we gathered trough the ongoing cooperation, and workshops on concepts of Living Lab – with a great input from Denis Weil, Illinois Institute of Technology/Chicago.

At the Long Table, guests from different fields like ethnology, urban planning, sociology, architecture and development came to the informal discussion and shared their insights about working at a community based level and possible tendencies for the Living Lab approach. Many thanks to our guests Jesko Fezer/HBK Hamburg, Birgit Cleuvers/fibs, Kathleen Ziemann/betterplace lab, Matthias Held/HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Manuela Bojadzijev/IEE HU, Denis Weil/IIT Chicago, Jens Adam/IEE HU, Sabine Foraita/Hochschule Hildesheim and our partners Michal Eitan, Sarah Auslander and David Spectre and all students, participants and helpers.

The aim of the events was to focus on a concept of Living Lab that we integrate in our research work. The events are part of our bilateral project “Community Now?”.