Community Now? Symposium 19.2.-21.2.2015 | Berlin

  • by Matthias Steffen | @ DGTF
The event represents the closure of the first phase of the two years research project and bilateral cooperation between German and Israel. The program included preliminary workshops in the Living Lab, an opening event with panel discussions, concert and night-talks, followed by two days of keynotes, presentations and workshops. The symposium was also accompanied by an exhibition around the Living Lab Mehringplatz and a series of thematic walks.
German-Israeli Design Research Project by:
Supervisor, Head of Research: Prof. Dr. Gesche Joost; Project Director, Head Curator: Bianca Herlo; Designer/Co-Curator: Iohanna Nicenboim
Committee: Gesche Joost, Andreas Unteidig, Malte Bergmann, Jennifer Schubert
Research team: Sarah Auslander, Malte Bergmann, Michal Eitan, Bianca Herlo, Gesche Joost, Jennifer Schubert, David Spectre, Andreas Unteidig
Student worker: Luis Fernando Colin
Walks production and media: Tal Siano



Funded by:
German-Israeli Future Forum Foundation (DIZF) & The Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)

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Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Local Partner:
MadaMe am Mehringplatz


Phone-based walks made possible by:
fonlos_logo Kopie


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